Bodyboards are worth more than just money to us, so its a good idea to take proper care of your board. There are some real easy things you can do to prolong the life and look of your board. So here are some helpful hints to preserve your board in mint condition and give it the best possible chance of a long and healthy life.

* Bodyboard deck and rail skins are finished in manufacturing with a protective film on them which preserves their foam cells. This Film becomes quite slippery once it becomes wet.We recommend before your first surf that you shower your board and cover the entire deck,rails and tail with soap. Then wash soap completely off and dry entire board with a towel. This will help remove the protective film on your board and ensure your wax to stick.

* If your planning to sticker up your board , we recommend to place stickers on slick side before your first surf.

* Wax your board with sticky wax anywhere you place hands, down under your arms to elbow, along your rail, corner of nose for finger grip and a little on the belly of the board. Hint- you don't need to cake on your wax, you can always put a little more on as you need it.

* HEAT IS YOUR ENEMY - SHADE IS YOUR BEST FRIEND ! So keep your board out of direct sunlight and prolonged heat exposure like the boot of your car. When your at the beach and not in use we recommend putting your board in a cover so they don’t get damaged by the sun’s strong UV rays or covering it with a towel slick side up or simply find some shade.

* When your board has been in heat it is more prone to creasing due to being flexier so before you use place it in the water to cool down.

* Always wash your board in fresh water after each session. Saltwater is very corrosive and even though bodyboard foam is pretty resilient to it, it will do damage over time.

* Avoid impact on the nose and tail edges or with sharp objects. You should fix your dings. when in doubt come see us and get the knowledge you need to repair.

* Always do your best to store your board in a cool place after use. A board cover will come in handy in all areas and is literally a safeguard against everything when your board is out of the water.

Take care of your board, keep it out of the heat , fix your dings and share the stoke !