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         BOARD TECH                                                                                                                                

        Season 2021

        Core - 1.9lb PP Polypropylene 

        Stringer - 2x CFT Stringer

        Rails - 55/45 Double Rails

        Channels -AKU Concave Hull

        Slick - Dupont Surlyn Slick Skin

        Deck - Wavecushion Air 8lb PE Deck

        Tail - Crescent Tail

        Additional Features - Mesh, CNC Shaped, XFL Armour 

         TECHNOLOGY INDEX                                                                                                                

        POLYPROPYLENE 1.9lb density Polypropylene Kinetic Core delivers amazing projection and response as high pressure cell-fusion created during the blanks manufacturing process. Kinetic Core is a warm water core available in various reinforcement configurations, each tuned-in for specific wave conditions.

        CFT STRINGER High-grade, lightweight filament wound composite-fibre tube for increased board strength and spring-like recoil.

        RAILS Percentage of Botom Rail to Top Rail. 55/45 Rails are Perfect Balance between Drive and Manoeuvrability

        GRADUATED CHANNELS increase the surface area of the boards slick bottom and channels that laminar flow along the rail/ hull for positive edge control.

        SURLYN DuPontTM Surlyn® slick is the finest grade bottom skin for a bodyboard because of it’s rubber like properties, superior recoil and resistance to scratching and wear and tear, hence the reason why Surlyn® is the universal skin used for Golf Balls.

        WAVECUSHION 8LB NXLPE 8pcf non-crosslink Polyethylene outer skins. The premier skin for high performance bodyboarding.

        CRESCENT TAIL is the most popular crescent tail option.  This tail will perform when driving, turning, carving and releasing. Clipping the tail allows the rider to maximise their drive and maintain control through the outer concaves and clipped areas.

        MESH Diamond shaped mesh weave fused between the boards core and slick bottom skin for enhanced stiffness and recoil.

        CNC SHAPED CAD designed templates precision cut with our CNC shaping machines for superior accuracy and consistency.

        XFL ARMOUR heat laminated Crosslink foam forms the inner rails and nose and tail armour, encapsulating the full inner perimeter of the board for premium seam strength and impact protection.

        NOSE BULBS Die-cut foam bulbs are positioned at each corner of the nose to enhance finger grip. Now with a new, curved contour for an even better handle